Posted by: livingscripture | March 29, 2015


From the Word of the Day

“Hosanna!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!   

 (Mark 11: 9)  

“They cried out louder, ‘Crucify him’.”

(Mark 15: 14)

How should we live this Wordjesus-palm16[1]

Today we begin Holy Week during which we relive the last days in the life of Jesus.  From the exultant festivity of the people at Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem we go to His painful death on Calvary.  We see the Son of God who through love became obedient to the point of death in order to restore salvation to us.

We also can see ourselves in the personages described in the Gospel.  We often applaud Jesus and recognize Him as a great person who has brought a new message to humanity, but then we are ready to betray Him, to crucify Him with our sins, our omissions, and our egoism.  Remembering the great love Jesus has for all of us, let us take up our cross each day and follow Him.  Let us courageously make the effort to help those in need.  The way of His Passion prepares us for the joy of His Resurrection.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I shall remain with Jesus, to tell Him of my love and gratitude and to adore Him in His exaltation and in His Passion.

Lord, help me to follow You every moment of my life, in joys and sorrows.  Grant that I may be near You, to understand and imitate Your obedience to the Father and Your goodness toward everyone.

The Voice of Pope Francis

Jesus calls us to follow Him on His road of humiliation.  When at certain times in our life there is no way out of our difficulties; when we are in the depths of total darkness, this is the moment of our humiliation and total spoliation, the hour in which we experience that we are sinners.  It is precisely then, in that moment, that we must not mask our failure, but open ourselves trustfully to hope in God, as Jesus did.  Dear sisters and brothers, during this week it would be good for us to take the crucifix in our hand and kiss it a lot to say, thank You Jesus, thank You Lord.  Amen.


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