Posted by: livingscripture | March 27, 2015

Fifth Friday of Lent

From the Word of the Day

“If I do not perform my Father’s works, do not believe me; but if I perform them, even if you do not believe me, believe the works.”   

 (John 10: 37-38)   

 How should we live this Wordtemple 2

What Jesus has called ‘His hour’ is about to happen in His earthly life.  The Lord is fully aware of this and His courage and openness do not diminish.  A few steps away from His Passion and Death and with His face radiant with the Truth, Jesus places a proof before His enemies that casts out their arrogant self-assurance.  The proof is the ‘signs’, the miracles He has worked without any air of mystery, without any theatrics that would lead the crowds to admire Him.

He worked them and that was sufficient!  He made Lazarus come out of his tomb.  He restored, alive and happy, the son of the widow of Naim.  He dried many tears and restored sight to the blind.  His entire life had been a sign of infinite goodness shown in the many works accomplished with absolute gratuity, only to give glory to the Father and infuse authentic, pure life into the veins of humanity.  Yet, the hardened hearts of His adversaries were hermetically closed.  They do not believe even His works, so full of light.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will repeat to Jesus my love, my trust, my belief in Him, and in His loving signs that surround me.

Lord, let this passage open my eyes as well.  Jesus, you call me to do good works that are full of loving kindness and goodness.  Help me to do this and be peaceful when no one is aware of them.  Help me to be happy just to imitate You, showing You my love for You and all my sisters and brothers.

The Voice of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Author

Your works, these are what reach me.  They speak so loudly that I am unable to hear what they are saying.

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