Posted by: livingscripture | February 19, 2015

Thursday after Ash Wednesday

From the Word of the Day 

“Jesus said to his disciples, ‘The Son of Man must suffer greatly and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes, and be killed and on the third day be raised’.”   

 (Luke 9: 22)   

 How should we live this WordLent-180x300[1]

 What clouds our soul is the aspect of the luminous overturning affirmed and lived by Jesus.  Living our life for Christ by immersing it totally in the Gospel invitation to new life, means salvation!  Egoistically trying to hold on to our life means losing it, really losing it behind the false opportunities of making money, of amassing things that nullifies the taste and possibility of enjoying what is good, honest, true, and beautiful.Jesus is fully aware of the itinerary of His Passion, Death, and Resurrection that is His Paschal Mystery.  He gives full consent to a plan in which death and life, total defeat in the tomb, and full victory over death bring great success in His existence.  He Himself will affirm, “For this I came; to give my life for the salvation of many”.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will ponder if my life is truly immersed in Jesus and His Gospel.  I will ask Jesus to help me rid myself of all that prevents me from living in Him.

Yes, Jesus, You add that to walk along this road, I must take up my cross and follow You each day.  Help me understand that it is precisely this which gives life flavor.  Even if I had untold wealth, what good is it if I do not have peace within myself and with the world? 

The Voice of Romano Battaglia, Italian Author 

The Cross must appear to us in all its truth.  It connects heaven and earth, extends its arms in all directions.  It is the mysterious sign of a universal humanity; the loom on which our life is woven.



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