Posted by: livingscripture | February 2, 2015

Fourth Monday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“Lord, holy Father, Omnipotent and eternal God, Your only Son, generated in the eternal ages, presented in the temple today, is proclaimed by the Holy Spirit the glory of Israel and the light of the peoples.  Rejoicing we come to meet the Savior.”

(Cf. Preface of the Feast)

How should we live this Word Presentation

This feast reminds us of the encounter of Jesus with His people, represented by the aged Simeon in the temple of Jerusalem.   Thus, today is the feast of the encounter with Jesus who comes to meet each of us under the symbol of light represented by the flame of the lighted candles that we carry in procession.  From here derives the characteristic name of ‘Candlemas Day’, the feast of the encounter with Jesus.For today’s feast, the Preface of the Mass has been chosen for our reflection.  The motive is simply this.  It contains an important word that we can consider the motive for the Liturgy of this feast.  The word is ‘meet – encounter’.  This word is repeated often today, in the admonition to the celebrant before the blessing of the candles, in the blessing itself, in the invitation to process, in the Preface, and in the prayer after Communion.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will meet Jesus in the depths of my heart and ask Him to help me carry His light to the world.

O God, font and principle of every light, which today You revealed to the aged Simeon, Christ, true light of all the peoples, hear the prayer of Your people who come to meet You with these luminous signs and hymns of praise.  Guide us on the road of the good so that we may reach unending light. 

The Voice of St. Sophronio, Holy Patriarch of Jerusalem 

As we celebrate and venerate with intimate participation the mystery of the encounter with the Lord, let us run together to meet Him with fervor.  We too, must walk carrying candles and bringing the light…this is why we all run towards God.  This is the meaning of today’s mystery.

The voice of the Church

Consecrated life is a gift to the Church, is born in the Church, grows in the Church, and is oriented to the Church.



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