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From the Word of the Day

“He asked for a tablet and wrote: ‘John is his name’.  All marveled at this.  At that moment, his mouth was opened and his tongue was freed, and he spoke blessing God.”

(Luke 1: 63-64) 

How should we live this Word couv_us[1]

The emblematic figure of Zechariah returns in today’s Gospel.  We have seen his incredulity.  The inability to speak of Zechariah because of his incredulity symbolically summarizes the incapacity to believe of the ancient people of Israel, personified in this priest of the Mosaic cult.  However, it also condenses all the incredulity of Christians of our times, including our own.

Today instead, the Gospel underlines the healing of this lack of faith that comes through the restitution of the word, “His mouth was opened at this instant and his tongue was freed and he spoke blessing God”.  Finally, at the birth of John the Baptist, deemed impossible before, Zachariah surrenders to the ‘God of the impossible’ and becomes a believer.  His inability to speak is now changed into the Word of blessing and his aphasia is cured in an explosion of a hymn of praise.

Luke’s first Chapter recounts two annunciations: the one to Mary that that ends with the acceptance of the announcement through Mary’s pure faith and the one to Zachariah that first ends in incredulity and then finishes with his healing and re-acquisition of speech.

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will renew my faith in the God of the Impossible who works marvels in me and with me when I abandon myself to Him in total trust.

Oh Mary, help me to be a believer like you, receiving with lively faith your Son Jesus!

The voice of St. John Paul II 

In the Church of then and forever, Mary has been and is above all, the one who “is blest because she believed”.  She first believed.  From the moment of the annunciation of the conception, from the moment of the birth in the cave at Bethlehem, Mary followed Jesus step by step in her maternal pilgrimage of faith.



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