Posted by: livingscripture | December 13, 2014


From the Word of the Day

“O Shepherd of Israel, hearken, from your throne upon the cherubim, shine forth.  Rouse your power…give us new life.”

 (Psalm 80)         

 How should we live this Word 120706_lead_today[1]

We began our week accompanied by a beautiful psalm and now we close it meditating on another marvelous poem.  It is a powerful choral invocation to God seen as the Shepherd and at the same time, the Lord.  He is the strong King who can save us.  Many have defined this psalm as the Advent door, as the community prayer that invokes the coming of the Lord in the parabola of time.  It is a prayer of provocation because the psalmist, the community in which the psalm is born, begs God to come, to awaken from the sleep in which He appears to have fallen and return to His creation.  We will return to You Lord with all our heart but You, Lord, turn to us as well, return to us, the people You have created, chosen, and consecrated.

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will add my constant invocation to the Lord to return to us and to save us in these troubled times. 

Lord, we want to learn the words of this psalm by heart to repeat them to you over and over.  Come, Lord, come to save us!  Maranatha! 

The voice of Pope John Paul II


Psalm 80 is a psalm strongly characterized by suffering, but also by firm faith.  God is always ready to ‘return’ to His people, but His people must also return to Him in fidelity.  If we are converted from sin, the Lord will be ‘converted’ from His intention to punish.  This is the conviction of the psalmist that finds an echo in our hearts, opening them to hope.

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