Posted by: livingscripture | December 7, 2014


From the Word of the Day

“Kindness and truth will meet, justice and peace shall kiss.

Truth shall spring out of the earth, and justice shall look down from heaven.”

 (Psalm 84)         


How should we live this Word Tissot-Signature-cropped-428[1]

A regenerated world…this is what Psalm 84 makes us see and dream.  It is one of the most beautiful psalms of the psaltery, a community psalm, a prayer of thanksgiving, of supplication, of a prophetic future vision of human history and of the earth.  The psalm begins with the words, “Lord, You are good to Your earth…”  It is an expression of gratitude that springs from a universal heart, from a vision that is fixed on a broad horizon.  It is the Promised Land that had been wrested from the people and which has been mercifully restored.  The land also includes all of creation that with its spectacular beauty unceasingly reminds us of the generosity and imagination of God.  Above all, the land is human beings.  God is good with His earth and never forgets any of His creatures, but is always close to them.  He accompanies them in their development, building for them and with them their salvation.  God’s loveliest attitudes in regard to His earth are personified.  The presence of God in human history seems like a dance arm in arm with His faithful friends: Love, Justice, Truth, and Peace.  They meet and sustain each other. Their movements generate a special unity between Heaven and earth. This harmony will make it possible for God to look from Heaven and render the earth fecund.  It is this togetherness that makes salvation possible for everyone and imprints God’s indelible mark on the earth.

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will ask God to let me join in this dance of love with Him and all of creation.  What a joy…to dance with God!

Lord, there are persons who with their life more than with their words, remind us of the dance between love, truth, justice, and peace.  They carry within themselves a vital synthesis for which they are called ‘good’ and we ‘feel good with them’ and ‘their presence is a blessing’. Help me to be like this in my life, like these miracles of humanity.  Help me to recognize them, welcome them, and become like them at least a little. 

The voice of Pope Francis 

God is joyful and merciful, and is the true power than can save us and the world from the cancer of sin, the moral evil, the spiritual evil.


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