Posted by: livingscripture | November 30, 2014


From the Word of the Day

“Be watchful!  Be alert!  You do not know when the time will come…Watch, therefore; you do not know when the lord of the house is coming.”

 (Mark 13:35)    

 How should we live this Word star-6

We begin the season of Advent on this Sunday.  It prepares us to welcome Jesus at Christmas.  We await Him with joy and impatience, just as the servant who awaits the return of his master.  However, vigilance is needed to remain alert in order to perceive God’s presence in our daily life.

Being vigilant does not mean waiting without doing anything, lazily absorbed in the wait or being anxious or stressfully active.  Rather, it means to work, doing as much good as possible, making fruitful the talents given us by God, and being ready to help anyone in need.

Let us be vigilant with our mind and heart, in the desire for an encounter of peace and love with God and keeping the flame of faith and charity lit by accomplishing our daily duties well, thus following the example and teaching of Jesus.

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will increase my vigilance so that my day may be lived in the presence of Jesus, listening to His voice in the depths of my heart as He tells me how He wants me to prepare for His birthday during this Advent time. 

Jesus, help me to live the present, attentive to Your presence in my life and help me to be full of hope and in solidarity with everyone. 

The voice of Opening Prayer of the Mass

Grant Your faithful, we pray, almighty God, the resolve to run forth to meet Your Christ with righteous deeds at His coming.



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