Posted by: livingscripture | November 16, 2014

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“Who can find a perfect woman?  Her value is greater than pearls.”

 (Proverbs 31: 10)            


How should we live this Word mother_child_79[1]

This brief passage is taken from the Book of Proverbs that is part of the Wisdom Books of the Bible.  The author asks a question about the possibility of finding ‘a strong woman’.  This question seems to highlight her value.  Such a woman is precious!  She is more precious than pearls!

We will pause on the attribute of ‘strength’ that identifies the woman of whom the sacred author speaks.  It is not physical strength, even if that is not to be despised.  Neither is it the various kinds of work she does that count.  We must make a temporal and social-cultural transposition.  The times of the woman described here are not those of the woman today.

However, there is something to say about her that goes way beyond changeable aspects that are exterior, social, or cultural.  It is the ardent humanity of the woman who, if married, seeks to make her husband content by using her God-given talents.  This woman is strong and precious for her family because she knew how to order love in herself and finalized every activity to this love, the gift of herself.

It is due to this intense harmony that flowed from her deep love for God that the woman is strong and does not allow herself to be closed in the circle of family duties.  Without neglecting her home in any way, she opens her hands to the poor and those who need her consolation and to be aroused by her virtuous example, by her attentive care.

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I shall consider what makes this woman more precious than pearls and I will seek to imitate her virtues and attitudes. 

Lord, teach me to walk in Your ways all the days of my life. 

The voice of Denis Diderot, French Philosopher and Author

When we write of women, we need to dip our pen in the rainbow and dry the page with the dust of butterflies.



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