Posted by: livingscripture | October 2, 2014

Holy Guardian Angels October 2

From the Word of the Day

Be attentive to him and heed his voice.  Do not rebel against him, for he will not forgive your sin.  My authority resides in him.”

 (Exodus 23: 22)


How should we live this Word angels 3

We interrupt the reading and meditation on the Book of Job in order to return to the angels.  Catholic tradition leads us to know and love the guardian angel.  Devotion has increased once again to these spiritual friends and we find their representations a bit everywhere.  Other religions have spirits that are good or bad and influence events.

But we must say that the guardian angel is not a super hero to call upon in time of need, nor a decorative elf or a speaking grasshopper who influences our actions.  Rather, it is a way God has chosen to be present to us, a mediation that does not have a body but materializes in helping us to choose the good, and protecting us from evil.  This presence helps us to keep the grace and the good we receive from God and that we are called upon to increase.  It can intervene when we are not quite mindful of our whole self and what we are living. Our angel calls us to greater responsibility and greater presence to ourselves!

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will turn to my Guardian Angel, asking for guidance and protection. 

Lord, make me docile to all the signs and mediations of Your presence.

The voice of St. Bernard, Church Father 

The angels cannot be conquered or seduced, and much less can they seduce.  They guard us in all our ways.  They are faithful, prudent, and powerful.  Why fear?  Let us follow them, be close to them, and remain under God’s protection.



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