Posted by: livingscripture | September 30, 2014

Twenty-sixth Tuesday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day


Perish the day on which I was born, the night when they said, ‘The child is a boy!”.  Why did I not perish at birth, come forth from the womb and expire?”

 (Job 3: 3)            

How should we live this Word job[1]

Last Sunday’s Liturgy somewhat anticipated the theme of presumption before God and the false image we now see in the Book of Job.  There are also the themes of suffering, of the possibility of establishing what is just or unjust.  In these days, we will be reading this curious Book of Job.

The verse cited here is the curse against life that Job expresses in a moment when suddenly all that was good and just in his life is now overturned, revealed to be ephemeral, and disappears.  Just as in the ‘cursing’ psalms, this venting shows the cruelty of reality and reacting against it opens the heart to the truth.  Job is truly just before God.  He does not think of God as an automatic distributor of good things for those who put the correct amount in a machine, and then perhaps kick and punch when what they expect does not come.  Neither does he think of God as a sadistic and spiteful person who enjoys seeing the fragility of His inferiors.  Job is the witness of a human person that is loved by God and remains in the world with all his responsibility, with his feelings, his emotions, his desires, and his possible limitations.

He cries for his dead children, for his lost wealth.  He wishes he had never been born so as not to have to live through all this.  Then he places himself before the mystery of God and lets God lead him on an imaginary trip through the universe that allows him to re-dimension all his suffering and all his desires, giving new meaning and new fruitfulness to his future.

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will converse with God familiarly and tell Him all my feelings and emotions, trustful of His love and healing. 

Lord, like Job, I too want to come before You, before Your creation, to learn to see what comes in another way, re-discovering the energy to act well, to have hope to build the future, and to fight against all injustice.

The voice of Massimo Gramellini, Author of ‘Have Good Dreams’ 

Some memories are not erased…but they can purify you of the suffering they hold.  How?  With forgiveness.  Only forgiveness can put us again into contact with the energy of love.


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