Posted by: livingscripture | September 24, 2014

Twenty-fifth Wednesday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day


He sent them to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”

 (Luke 9: 2)        

How should we live this Word community

Jesus sends His apostles to proclaim the Kingdom of God and He gives them power to heal the sick.  Imitating their teacher, they must free the world of evil and of its consequences: sickness, poverty, wars, and discord.  They must not oppress people but rather free them from physical and spiritual ills.  Above all, God offers us the possibility of cleansing what is dark and obscure within each of us so as to be able to cleanse others as well.

Our strength comes from the Lord.  The more we are transparent to His grace, the more we will be efficacious in our pastoral action.  Jesus has given us the example.  As He went through the streets of Palestine and observed the material and spiritual difficulties of His contemporaries, he approached them.  He took care of those who were suffering and needy.  He healed them and gave them joy and hope.  He did not present Himself with His power and wealth, but with these gestures of mercy.  The world needs the tenderness of God that comes through His disciples.

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will endeavor to see how I can spread God’s tenderness in my daily life. 

Lord Jesus, You sent Your apostles to announce the Good News and to work against evil.  Give us their enthusiasm, trust, charity, and gratuity.  Grant that our words and our actions may reveal Your Kingdom of joy and peace.

The voice of Pope Francis (Discourse to Catechists, September 19, 2014)

I have sometimes said that the Church seems like a field hospital with many wounded people who ask us to be near them; who ask of us what they asked of Jesus – closeness.  We need to go out and raise our gaze.  How much poverty and solitude we see in the world today.  How many persons live with great suffering and ask the Church to be a sign of the closeness, of the goodness, of the solidarity, and of the mercy of the Lord.


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