Posted by: livingscripture | March 25, 2014

Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord

From the Word of the Day

Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me.”

                                       Hebrews 10:  5                                        


How should we live this Word annunciation

After many more or less failed attempts at the desired covenant, God chooses a totally different road on the day of the Annunciation!  Respected elders, wise judges, or prophets like Noah, Elijah, Moses did not serve.  Now God leaves every subject and form of stipulation that He had used before.  It will not be men of authority, nor holocausts of sheep and bulls, nor tables of the law indelibly inscribed in stone or circumcisions of the flesh to sanction the new covenant.  The newness will pass from the revelation that God is one to the fact that God is relationship and the covenant continues fully alive.

God has a Son whom He loves very much.  He is His Word.  This Son corresponds with a like love.  God is ready to risk this love.  Thus, God prepares a body for His Son, a body that can walk, speak, and choose!  He sends His Son.  The Son consents, leaves, and takes on a body.  The body prepared for Him is not that of a super hero.  He is born of a word received by another person, a woman.  She is Mary, who thanks to her body, allows God to take shape, be born, and grow.  It is an infinite story enclosed in an infinitely small space.  It is minuscule, a crack through which God enters into history and re-directs it!

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will wordlessly marvel at this event, so natural and yet so full of the supernatural.  I will thank God the Father, Jesus, the Spirit, and Mary for their great love.

Lord, the Mystery of the Incarnation continues to amaze me and make me immensely happy!  With the Body of Your Son, You have sealed Your eternal covenant with me.  And I, in Him, want to prolong this mystery of salvation and bring it to those who do not know of it.  Thanks to my body, ‘Whether I eat or drink, or live or die, I belong to the Lord’.  (Cf. 1 Cor. 10: 31)

The voice of Luciano Manicardi, Monk of Bose 

To live the human condition is to live corporality.  And living obedient to God means, for the Christian, to pass through the obedience of one’s own body.

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