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From the Word of the Day

And leaving everything behind, he got up and followed him.”

                                                                                 Luke 5: 28                                                                    


How should we live this Wordtn_27j

The first reading and the Gospel of today say a truth that might seem banal but is always hard to believe: a person can change; I can change.  This is how Levi changed.  This is how the darkness recalled by Isaiah can transmute into light and how the arid land can become a watered garden.

The master key is to learn to see the other person.  Our aridity may have many causes, but one of them is failing to see others.  Levi understood this to the point that as soon as he accepted Jesus’ invitation, he shared with others by giving a banquet.  This was his way of fulfilling what Isaiah says in the first reading, “You bestow your bread on the hungry and satisfy the afflicted”.  In this way, he began to irrigate his heart, watering it with attention to Jesus and to the people.  This is how he changed and became a living spring, “a repairer of the breach; a restorer of ruined homesteads”.  He filled his house so that others could meet the Doctor par excellence.

This is what one person who changes can do.  The person becomes an instrument of the good, taking on the mission of helping those who have not yet found the possibility or courage to change.  We become responsible for the sin that we see present in our heart and from which we feel saved.

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I shall seek to change what must be changed in me so as to taste the delights of the Lord.

Lord, open me more and more to You and to all people who are suffering.  I know You will give me whatever I need to become a watered garden for others.

The voice of Charles De Foucauld, Mystic

There is no moment in our life that cannot become the beginning of a new existence.

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