Posted by: livingscripture | March 1, 2014

Seventh Saturday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day


Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.  The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.”

                                                                                          James 5: 16                                                              


How should we live this Word151900

It is a fact that there is a relationship between sin and sickness, but it is not necessarily so that every sickness is the fruit of sin.  From the first ‘no’ that was said to God at the beginning of the world, disorder and evil erupted.  This is why James exhorts us to recognize that we are sinners.  Even though confession of sins is typical of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, it is still important that we recognize our sinfulness in our self-evaluations and in our revisions of life.  This helps us to avoid pointing our finger at others when we are aware of our own errors as we humbly and sincerely seek the truth and conversion.  It is good to seek therapeutic remedies for our illnesses, but it is also beautiful to ask God for healing, if it is His will.  In the Christian vision, illness is a time of purification and offering.  Prayer in every way helps the sick person to live illness in serenity and abandonment.  

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will ask the Lord to help me enter into the Christian vision that gives meaning and value even to illness. 

Lord, if it is possible, keep all illness far from me and my family, but when it does come, help me to live this time as a purification for my sins and as the opportunity to love by offering it with You to the Father for the redemption of the world. 

The voice of Elizabeth of the Trinity, Carmelite 

How beautiful it is to pray for each other, to make a date with the Good God where there is no longer distance or separation.


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