Posted by: livingscripture | February 14, 2014

Fifth Friday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“At that time, the Lord designated another seventy-two and sent them two by two before him.

(Luke: 10: 1) 

How should we live this Word?Alta-sinergia-ok[1]

Today we celebrate the feast of the saintly brothers, Bishops Cyril and Methodius who evangelized the Slavic people in the ninth century.  They are the patron saints of Europe.  After having created the Slavic alphabet, they translated the Sacred Scripture and liturgical texts into that language.  In this way, the new populations that had been converted could understand God’s Word and participate in the Liturgy.  This is how they enculturated the evangelical message and put down the basis of Christian roots for the Slavic nations.

Like the disciples Jesus sent, Cyril and Methodius were illumined by the Spirit and animated by charity.  They brought the light of the Gospel and the gift of peace so that the new peoples would become new in Christ and would draw from the source of life and joy.  Collaborating amid many difficulties, they brought God’s love to these people, becoming all for all, and spreading goodness and peace.  They stimulated the good present in every person and actualized the positive values of the peoples to whom they were sent.

Today in my time for silent contemplation, I will picture myself as what I truly am, Jesus’ disciple, and I will ask for the light and courage to accomplish this mission.

Lord, You are a light for my steps on the journey.  Help me to let Your Word resound in me.  Grant that I may receive each sister and brother, living in peace and remaining in Your love of the Father who unites everyone. 

The voice of the last prayer of St. Cyril                  

Make holy, united in the true faith and in the upright confession of Your people, and inspire in hearts the word of Your doctrine.  In fact, it is by Your gift that we have been chosen to preach the Gospel of Your Christ and to bring our sisters and brothers to accomplish good works when it pleases You.  Those You have given to me, I restore to You as Yours.  Guide them now with Your strong right arm.  Protect them under the shadow of Your wings so that they may all praise and glorify Your name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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