Posted by: livingscripture | February 9, 2014

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“You are the salt of the earth…you are the light of the world.

(Mark: 5: 13-14)


How should we live this Word? Revelation144000JewsSEALED_250

Sometimes we have experienced the lack of light and of taste for things.  At times, we feel as though we are wrapped in deep darkness and it seems that there is no zest for action.  We need to see clearly and to give expression to our life.  To whom shall we turn?

Jesus is present as the light of the world and He makes His disciples participate in His light and become persons who know they are the salt of the earth.  Thus, Jesus entrusts His disciples with a great responsibility and a strong commitment to be confident of this.  At the same time, He presents Himself as the model and guide in the accomplishment of this task.  Thus, Christians must let themselves be inundated with the light that is Christ and in their turn, reflect it onto others, transmitting joy and truth.

Today in my time for silent contemplation, I will ponder on my attitude and my state right now.  If I do feel the darkness and lack of joy, I will ask Jesus to infuse me with His light and His joy so that I may bring Him to others.  On the other hand, if I am in the light and in joy, I will thank Him and ask Him to increase them more and more in me.

Lord, help me to leave the darkness and mediocrity that the world proposes and allow myself to be pervaded by Your light and Your peace so that I may radiate them to others.

The voice of the Letter to Diognetus, from the Second Century                  

Christians are in the world as the soul is in the body.  The soul is spread in every part of the body and Christians are in every city of the world.  The soul inhabits the body but does not come from the body.  Christians live in the world but do not come from the world.  The soul is enclosed in the body, but it sustains the body.  Christians are held in the world as in a prison, but they sustain the world.  God assigns them such a high place that it is illicit for them to abandon it. 


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