Posted by: livingscripture | January 23, 2014

Second Thursday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“When he took his life in his hands and slew the Philistine, and the Lord brought about a great victory for all Israel through him, you were glad to see it.

(1 Samuel 19: 5)


How should we live this Word?king_david[1]

David continues to earn success on the field of battle, among the Israelite people, and in Saul’s kingdom by wedding his daughter. The king instead is more and more possessed by passions of jealousy and envy.  Many times, he plans on killing him.  However, there is his son Jonathan in the middle, standing between filial affection for his father and the sincere friendship that ties him to David.

He intercedes with his father and tries to enlighten his mind, reminding him of the beautiful things that David has done for him and for all the people, even exposing his own life.  Saul himself had blessed him and rejoiced in those moments of the visible manifestation of divine protection.  He must not now succumb to the temptations of jealousy, nor raise his hand against the Lord’s servant.

Jonathan succeeds to dissuade his father and urges him on the road of reconciliation.  Filial love and fraternal friendship both triumph, as well as the trust of the mediator who places all his fears and hopes in the God of salvation.

Today in my time for silent contemplation, I too, will place all my fears and hopes in God who is always present in my life.

In God, in whose Word I trust, in God I confide; I have no fear.  (Psalm 56) 

The voice of Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2014                  

O loving God, You give us prophetic witnesses in times of conflict and divisions.  When we seek You, O Lord, send Your Holy Spirit that we may be builders of reconciliation, united in the same thoughts and in the same convictions.



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