Posted by: livingscripture | January 22, 2014

Second Wednesday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“Go!  The Lord will be with you.”    (1 Samuel 17: 37)


How should we live this Word? david goliath

Israel is in the grips of grave danger, not only from the Philistine army, but above all, from Goliath who instills fears and trembling more than any other menace.  The only one who is not trembling is David, newly arrived in the Israelite camp.  He is strong from his experiences as a shepherd who overcomes even lions and bears when he needs to protect the sheep.  But above all, he is strong in the awareness and conviction that the Lord is the true liberator from every danger.  It is the Lord who protects all His creatures!  It is the Lord who does not abandon His servant who confidently entrusts himself to Him.

At this moment in the Israelite camp, there are two chosen ones of the Lord, David and also Saul, who although rejected by the Lord, remains His servant, worthy of respect.  He is the one who accepts David’s suggestion and directs his heart toward one goal: the Lord!  He sends him and invokes upon him the Lord’s blessing.  Bravery, astuteness, courage are useful and necessary.  But only in Him, Emanuel, God with us, is there true salvation and liberation.

Today in my time for silent contemplation, I will confidently turn to God in all my needs

Blessed be God, my Rock, my helper, my strength, my refuge, my liberator, my shield in whom I trust!  (Psalm 144) 

The voice of Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2014                  

Christ changed our relationships calling us friends rather than servants.  In response to this relationship of love, we are led from rapports of power and dominion to rapports of reciprocal friendship and love.

The voice of Blessed Laura Vicuna, Salesian Saint

My one desire is to joyfully adhere to the desires of Jesus and to the love of Mary most holy!

(For more information about this young saint go to:


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