Posted by: livingscripture | December 9, 2013


From the Word of the Day

I was afraid because I was naked.”

                                                                                             (Genesis 3: 10)


How should we live this WordMary

To be aware of nakedness is to be aware of our fragility and our tendency toward sin.  This prevents us from standing before God and admitting what we are without fear.  Sin makes us hide and deny our responsibility by accusing others just as Adam accused Eve and Eve accused the serpent.  It disorients us and makes us lose sight of our dignity as God’s children.

Mary on the contrary says more with her actions than with her words what it means not to be slaves of sin.  She did not hide herself from God.  Instead, she listened attentively.  She let herself be involved.  Above all, she did not plan her future alone but freely accepted to receive it from God and to share it with Him.  This is why it could be said of her that she “pondered all these things in her heart.”  (Luke 2: 19)

She had to do this because by receiving God’s presence into her life, she had to re-read this presence daily, understand it, support it, and be shaped by it.  If she had not pondered it in silent reflection and prayer, she would not have succeeded.

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will ponder that those who depend solely on themselves have no need of reflection or self-examination.  Mary instead tells me with her life, God’s original idea for us.  I will let her awaken in me the desire to re-discover this idea and to incarnate it in my life.

Lord, we are not innocent like Mary.  We know sin and its consequences.  Continue to remind us through her example and intercession, that we are not condemned to the slavery of sin but that we can again stand naked before You, without fear or masks, with hiding ever again.

The voice of Don Tonino Bello, Bishop

Holy Mary, expectant woman, thank you because if you carried Jesus in your womb for nine months, you are carrying us for our whole life.  Give us your features.  Model us on your face.  Transfer onto us the lineaments of your spirit.

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