Posted by: livingscripture | October 18, 2013

Twenty-eighth Friday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“He said to them, ‘The harvest is abundant but the labourers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out labourers for his harvest.  Go on your way’.”  (Luke 10: 2)


How should we live this Word? dd5f9-f1vj5

October is the month in which we recall the Church’s missionary commitment.  As He passes near us, the Lord invites us to follow Him and to share with others the gift of Faith.  The Mission is this invitation to proclaim God’s concern for every person, to bring His peace, His tenderness, and to make everyone a participant in His Kingdom.

We need to reflect on the meaning of being ‘sent’ by Christ.  God places enormous confidence in us by entrusting us with the mission of spreading His Kingdom.  He sends His disciples two by two because the missionary commitment is not of one person but of the community and we must not feel strong because of our means, capacities, or projects.  Paul tells us that it is when we are weak that we are strong.

All comes from God!  Thus, we need to pray, to ask Him for the grace of evangelizers as Pope Francis showed us by calling for a day of prayer and fasting to avoid war.  We must not make the error of considering the harvest as something outside ourselves.  We too need to be better evangelists.  The Good News, the Gospel, is of such immense import that it greatly surpasses our limited abilities.

Today in my time of silent contemplation, I will remain in God’s presence and ask for the grace to be evangelized as I seek to evangelize.

O God, You want everyone to be saved and reach the knowledge of truth.  Send Your workers, so that the Gospel may be proclaimed to every creature. 

The Voice of M. Pomilio, Journalist 

In reality, there are five Gospels and the fifth one is the book that the Lord left open.  We write it with the works that we do and each generation adds a word.


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