Posted by: livingscripture | October 8, 2013

Twenty-seventh Tuesday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.”

(Luke 10: 42)


How should we live this Word? Mary and Martha

Jesus is a walker.  We see Him announcing the Kingdom of God through the streets of Palestine.  However, He also gives Himself times of deep prayerful quiet in solitary places.  He is far from denying Himself warm encounters with friends that find a very human expression at meals.  Here Luke describes one of these moments.  His host is a woman by the name of Martha.  Certainly, she had invited Him to lunch and quickly did everything to prepare a worthy meal.

Her sister Mary lives with her.  She remains crouched at Jesus’ feet.  There her heart drinks in the flow of Jesus’ Word, which, as He had said, is Spirit and Life.  Although we understand well her familiarity, Martha at a certain point admonishes Mary.  She even wants Jesus to tell her to help in serving the guests.  Jesus’ words are the opposite of her earthy request.  Jesus is not scolding Martha, even if He is gently admonishing her.  His emphasis is on approving and praising Mary’s choice that He says is better and will not be taken from her.

Today in my time of silent contemplation, I will let these words of Jesus help me to be more convinced that contemplation has primacy over doing.  It is a certain and unequivocal proclamation that is valid for me today as well, when I am so stressed, and always running from one thing to another in anxious agitation.

Lord, wherever You want, help me daily to choose even brief moments to be alone with You who are always in my heart.  Let me never neglect these times that are the breath and life of my joy. 

The Voice of Maurice Zundel, Swill Philosopher 

Those who nourish themselves on God’s silence, end by understanding the depths with which we are able to listen.

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