Posted by: livingscripture | September 4, 2013

Twenty-second Wednesday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“He laid hands on each one of them and cured them.  And demons also came out from many.”

(Luke 4: 40)


How should we live this Word?images (6)

Let us concentrate our heart’s attention on this gesture that is so familiar to the Lord, that of laying His hand on each person who was brought to Him.  It is a very simple gesture.  However, it elicits the energy within our members.  It is a gesture that in Jesus, Lord and God made man, was finalized to the same human-divine will of salvation.

I can ask myself, what do I do with my hands?  I do not have paws like the animals.  I have hands that allow me to perform many actions, many gestures, from cleaning the house to kneading bread, to caressing a child, to drying the tears of one who suffers.  I can paint a picture.  However, I can also use my hands in violence.  I can hurt someone.  I can destroy.  My hands are a precious gift from God.  May I always know how to use them in a responsible way!

Today in my time of silent contemplation, I will open my hands on my lap.  I will admire them, appreciating their value.  I will ask the Lord to prevent me from falling into laziness but rather to let my hands be instruments for the good each day so that goodness may triumph always where I live and work.

Lord, grant that in my daily life, my hands may serve beauty in a peaceful and joyful way of life.

The Voice of Romano Battaglia, Italian Journalist and Author

As long as your hand and mind guide you, do not stop loving life.  Even if you help only one person, you will not have lived in vain.


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