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From the Word of the Day

“When the time arrived for Elizabeth to have her child she gave birth to a son.  Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown his great mercy toward her, and they rejoiced with her.”

(Luke 1: 57-58)


How should we live this Word?db_6-birth_of_john_the_baptist1

Luke the Evangelist narrates an important event for the history of Salvation.  The elderly Elizabeth, who was barren, has borne a son, John the Baptist who will be the precursor of Jesus, the promised Messiah.  Luke adds that the neighbors and relatives rejoiced with her at the news that the Lord had shown her His great mercy.

Certainly, it deals with the birth of an important person in the History of Salvation.  However, it does seem appropriate to pause a moment on the fact that the birth of every child is an event that should always fill the heart with awe and gratitude.  A child that is born after nine months in its mother’s womb is always prodigious.  It is life, a living person, a being dreamed of by God, who arrives among us.  How can we refrain from rejoicing?

How sad that our ‘society of efficiency’ chases after money and things and despises the living person.  It is truly on the road of darkness and an egoism that generates death for the entire planet.

Today in my time of contemplation, I shall dwell on the miracle of human birth, of a new human being with whom God gifts the world.  I will pray for those who have no respect for life in its most defenseless form, that they may have a change of heart that brings them on the road of truth and life. 

Lord, nourish in me a deep esteem for every child that is born, for every mother who is ready to care for the growth and education of her child according to God’s ways.  Create in me and around me a culture of life in the grace and light of the One who gave His life on the Cross so that we may have life in abundance.

The Voice of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran Theologian 

Life is God’s plan with us. 

The Voice of Kahlil Gibran, Poet and Philosopher

Faith is knowledge of the heart and goes beyond the power of demonstration.



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