Posted by: livingscripture | May 25, 2013

Seventh Saturday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“He created for them counsel, and a tongue and eyes and ears, and an inventive heart, and filled them with the discipline of understanding.”

(Sirach 17: 6)


How should we live this Word? image047- creation

Today, the Liturgy brings us quite a bit ahead in the reading of the Book of Sirach, up to Chapter 17.  There it leads us to reflect on creation and the human being’s place in it as willed by God.  It is impressive to read in this passage almost all of the gifts of the Spirit, with the accent placed on ‘knowledge’ and ‘intelligence’.  These gifts become duties in the management of God’s creation that has been entrusted to the wise care of human beings.

Different from other creatures, human beings can think!  Every capacity given to us is directed toward thinking:  the power to discern with the mind, to express with the tongue, to be aware through sight and hearing…to be cared for by the heart, the seat of intelligence par excellence!  It is a commandment, but above all, it is the daily occasion to use the sublime gifts placed in each of us.

Today in my time of contemplation, I will reflect on the greatness of the gifts bestowed on me as a human person, gifts that I may often take for granted, and I will praise and thank God for them. 

Come, Spirit of knowledge, light on God’s path, direct our will ever more towards Yours so that we may know it clearly, love it ardently, and accomplish it efficaciously.

The Voice of Pope Francis (Open your mind to your heart, 115)

There do not enter into God’s preferences neither the social aspects nor the knowledge of this world, but only simplicity and humility that make a person, while inserting self in history, do it as the servant of the one Servant, to the One who gives meaning to the entire journey

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