Posted by: livingscripture | March 22, 2013

Fifth Friday of Lent

From the Word of the Day

“I love You, O Lord, my strength”!

             (Psalm 17)


How should we live this Word? image047- creation

Psalm 17 belongs to a small collection of the first Book of Psalms (Psalms 14-23).  It is an ancient Psalm. Whose is invoking?  It is a man, a believer, who is anguished by the profile of death on his horizon and cries out his trust in God, and thus feels himself free.  It is also the voice of Christ the King who traverses mortal suffering and is raised from the dead by the Father.  Lastly, it is our voice that is raised by the events of every day and asks if fidelity, trust, and freedom, and the search for truth are possible.

What surprises us in this psalm is that the beginning is already the invocation, a cry of joy, and celebration to rediscover God in the time and space we dwell in.  We are often used to arrive at praise after lamenting.  This is not so here!  The inversion is full of meaning.  The psalm opens with a strong explosion, “I LOVE YOU!”  These words are like sharpened arrows that strike us with their rapidity and intensity.  They are words that are not said to just anyone in this way.  They call to our way that is often depressed and sad as we dwell on our misfortunes and sufferings.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will reflect that it is only by recognizing God as the goal of my love and discovering this strength, this liberation that I can rise from the mud of my misery, instead of wallowing in it.  I will ask Jesus to help me. 

Today Lord, my mouth and my heart tell You without pause, I LOVE YOU! 

The Voice of Kahlil Gibran 

True love is the acceptance of all that is, that was, and that will and will not be.  The happiest persons are not necessarily those who have the best of everything, but those who make the best of what they have.

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