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Tenth Wednesday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day 

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets.  I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.”

                                           (Matthew 5:17)                                                                                                                                                                           

How should we live this Word 

In today’s Gospel, Jesus makes a passage illumined by the law of love.  The Law given to Moses by God is sacred.  It is God’s Word kept alive in the Israelite people through the prophets.  It regards the promised Messiah who would be the Savior.  Jesus is the fulfillment of the promise and therefore of the law as well.  He repeats that He has not come to abolish the Law.  In fact, the Law proposes the good and condemns evil.  It commands what leads to growth in life and forbids what diminishes it.  From the time humans became confused and perverse through Adam and exchanged good for evil and evil for good, the Law became necessary for humans to live together. 


Jesus the Messiah came to free us from slavery to the Law by giving us new motivation for life, the Law of Love that has its source in God and not in human politics.  Those who do not love tend to look at the Law as coercion and even as an occasion for transgression.  Instead, those who love do all the Law requires and even more out of love for God and neighbor.  The Kingdom of Heaven is God’s place and thus to enter it, we must love God and our sisters and brothers as ourselves.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will examine my love.  Am I under the Law of Love, seeking to make life grow in myself and in others?


Lord Jesus, teach me to love truly.  Help me to avoid diminishing my life by following mistaken roads or the life of others by seeking some illusory gain.  Lord of Life, I believe in You! 

The voice of David M. Turoldo, Contemporary Spiritual Guide


The bill is always paid by those who love more.  In regard to humans, God is the one who always pays.  He is a God who is always at loss while there are many who gain precisely from love.  Nothing renders in every way like works of charity.  Even holiness gives much, as economy that is always active.


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