Posted by: livingscripture | June 2, 2012

Eighth Saturday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“Beloved…build yourselves up in your most holy faith.”

                                                      (Jude17: 20-25)                                                                                                                                                                          


How should we live this Word 

The background for this letter is a problematic situation due to the presence of elements that create confusion and disturbance within the community.  Their adherence to Christ is not sincere but the fruit of an ambiguous and egotistical search to bend Gospel demands to their own interests and desires. Jude intervenes forcefully in order to sustain, clarify, and encourage.  We should not be surprised nor dismayed in the face of positions diametrically opposed to Jesus’ teachings, assumed by those who profess to be His followers, and who create perplexity and doubt in those who are weak.

In fact it is not in protesting that one is Christian, nor in eloquence in sustaining and justifying one’s opinions, nor in the very sacrament of Baptism, which guarantees adhesion and belonging to Christ.  Rather, it is in the faith incarnated in life.  No one is exempt from this litmus test.  Sooner or later we find that we must declare ourselves explicitly for or against Christ, although not necessarily with words.

It may happen that we are forced to realize that at the trial of the guilty, we are the only ones present.  We may have considered ourselves ‘Christians in good standing.’  However, facts prove otherwise and we realize we have been incoherent.  Yet, not even this should surprise us or upset us.  We need only become aware that faith is not a given, assured once and for all.  Faith is a vital relationship, a ‘face to face’ that diminishes and dies the moment our dialog is suspended.  Like any relationship, it must be continually nourished and increased by deepening our knowledge, reconfirming our adhesion, continuing our dialog.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will let Jude’s words penetrate me and I will resolve to ground my faith in Christ and His Word.

Lord, preserve me from the temptation to take my faith for granted, never examining its validity or its depth.  Help me to question myself often on how I am living this gift of faith. 

The voice of Annalena Tonelli, Witness 

Let nothing disturb you.  Go ahead always with God.  Perhaps this is not easy.  It may well be a titanic enterprise to believe this way.  In many ways faith is such darkness, this very faith that is first of all a gift and a grace and a blessing.

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