Posted by: livingscripture | May 5, 2012

Fourth Saturday of Easter

From the Word of the Day

“I have been with you for so long a time and you still do not know me.”

                                                       (John14: 9)                                                                                                                                                                   


How should we live this Word

Jesus is now taking leave of the ones with whom He had shared three intense years of experiences.  He had seen them become enthusiastic over His miracles and fascinated by His words.  They had been baffled in regard to His taking up positions that they did not understand and perspectives that eluded their vision.  Now He is about to leave them and it seems He wants to empty His heart into theirs.

All at once, Philip interrupts with an unexpected request.  “Master, show us the Father, and that will be enough for us.”  He seems to be saying ‘by now we know everything.  We just need this one last piece and the picture will be complete. Jesus’ answer crushes this security.  “You still do not know me, Philip?  Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.”  Have you not understood yet that the Father and I are one, and those who see Me see the Father?  All the time they had been together was not enough to reveal the face of the Master, His human-divine reality.  In effect, it is difficult to know anyone completely, or even ourselves.  Imagine if we can do this in regard toJesus, who is human and divine.

What was true for Philip is also true for us.  We sometimes make a similar request, convinced of the solidity of our faith. Jesus might very well answer us in like manner, “Have I been with you for so long a time, and still you do not know Me?”  We have been Christians since infancy.  We are practicing Catholics, perhaps consecrated to Him, but what experience do we have of Him?  Knowing God is not limited to theological or biblical knowledge.  It means meeting Him along our journey, sharing our life with Him in a unique and personal relationship.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will let Jesus question me and seek to deepen my personal relationship with Him.

Lord, that I may know You in an intimate and loving relationship that reveals Your face to me.

The voice of St. Anselm, Church Doctor

Teach me to seek You and show Yourself to me as I seek You.  I cannot seek You if You do not teach me, nor find You if You do not show Yourself to me.  Grant that I may seek You, desiring You, and that I may desire You as I seek You.  Grant that I may find You, loving You and that I love You finding You.

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