Posted by: livingscripture | May 4, 2012

Fourth Friday of Easter

From the Word of the Day

“I am the way and the truth and the life.”

                                                       (John 14: 6)


How should we live this Word

In the preceding days, Jesus declared Himself to be the Gate, the Shepherd, and the Light.  These images illumine some of His aspects without however exhausting the richness of His being. Today, He adds another rich stroke.  He says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Taken in context, the phrase emphasizes the fact that He is the Way.  In fact, Thomas is asking for the way that leads to the house of the Father, where Jesus has declared He will go to prepare a place for His friends.  Jesus’ affirmation is the response.

Therefore, Jesus is the Way, and not just any way, but the only way that leads to the Father. This unwinds before the prodigal son who is in each of us, so that we may return to the Father’s arms and return to being the Father’s child.  In fact, we have not only lost the way, but even the truth of ourselves, the knowledge of our proper identity.  Jesus presents Himself as the Son in whom we can re-find our face and our truth.  Thus, lost and confused, we can approach life, the fullness of life that is filial realization with the Father through Christ in the Holy Spirit.  It is immersion in the Trinity, a participation in the unspeakable grace of Trinitarian communion.

This is a marvelous goal, one which we give too little thought to, and yet, this is the place Jesus assures us that He has prepared for each of us.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will immerse myself in this truth that gives wings to my life.

Lord, grant that I may not lose my way in life but that I may remain close to You, the sure Way that leads to the fullness of life in truth.

The voice of Chiara Amirante, Foundress of New Horizons

The One who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life,” does not delude us nor betray us ever!  His Word is Light.  His Word is Truth.  His Word is a healing balm for the deepest wounds of the heart!  The Lord Jesus is the Way to the fullness of Joy and of Peace which the heart of every person seeks.

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