Posted by: livingscripture | May 1, 2012

Fourth Tuesday of Easter

From the Word of the Day

“My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

                                                       (John10: 27)


How should we live this Word

‘To listen’ is a verb that perhaps says very little to us, since we are so used to passing from one information to another without assimilating what we hear.  However Biblically, it is an important attitude and does not merely regard our hearing.  We are to listen to the message that is contained in what I live or that is transmitted to me by a person’s smile.  We listen to our heart, the sentiments it has, or that agitate it.  We even listen to silence and discover its surprising eloquence.

HereJesusis calling our attention to a particular kind of listening, attention to the voice.  The word may not have reached the ear yet, soliciting the intellect, but its timbre has awakened the heart, announcing a presence.  It is a call to relationship.  Undoubtedly the Word is important.  Christ Himself is the Word that introduces us into the dialogue of love – the Trinitarian life.  But when we enter into the area of relationships, either the Word transcends us, or it is received globally where everything becomes relevant.

Christianity is not a religion of the ‘Book’, not even the Sacred Book, which we must draw on daily.  Our faith is adhesion to a Person who comes to us in a multiplicity of ways.  These become eloquent for us in the measure in which we recognize His presence in them.  We ‘listen’ to the voice and therefore follow Him.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will listen to His voice and let it resound in my heart.

You called me and that voice warmed my heart.  Now I live to grasp the echo in Your Word and in my life.  Thank You, Lord!

The voice of St. Augustine, Church Doctor 

You called me and Your voice broke through my deafness.  You made Your light shine and made my blindness vanish.  You diffused Your perfume; I breathed it in and I ran toward You.  I have tasted how good You are.  I am hungry and thirsty.  You touched me and I am inflamed by the desire for Your peace.

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