Posted by: livingscripture | April 4, 2012

Wednesday of Holy Week

From the Word of the Day

“Am I the one, Lord?”

                               (Matthew 26: 22)


How should we live this Word

We are still in the cenacle, gathered around the table of the last supper.  Jesus is surrounded by the Twelve.  He had chosen them one by one.  He had shared everything with them, called them friends, and yet, there is a traitor in their midst.  Jesus knows this and He announces it, without denouncing the traitor.  One can read the anguish on His face that questions ‘why’?

Aware of their own fragility, the apostles are fearful.  None of them dares to say, ‘Not me!’  For those who love, sufficient is even the shadow of possible infidelity to put them on the alert and look at themselves before looking at others with suspicion.  They are led to question their own heart and reinforce the commitment to constant vigilance.

The question rises to their lips, almost as though asking for help to avoid falling.  “Am I the one, Lord?”  I profess to love You, but then I easily fall into compromises, letting myself go with the crowd and rationalizing with ‘it’s nothing.’  Love begins to weaken, the relationship withers, and the face of the Beloved no longer fills the horizon, even if one is still seated at the table of the Last Supper, at the table of the Eucharist…

What is to be done?  Should we leave hurriedly like Judas, swallowed up by the darkness of that tremendous hour?  Or, like Peter, should we let Jesus gaze at us in order to witness with greater awareness that He is Love?

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will let the question of the apostles penetrate my depths, highlighting all my facile concessions.

Lord, give me delicacy of heart that perceives the diminishment of love and pushes me to nourish the flame with a decisive return to You. 

The voice of Michel Quoist 

Love is not ‘already made.’  It must be made.  It is not a ready made dress, but material to be cut, prepared, and sewed.  It is not the key to an apartment, but a house to design, build, maintain, and often repair.


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