Posted by: livingscripture | December 15, 2011

Third Thursday of Advent

From the Word of the Day 

“Raise a glad cry, you barren one who did not bear, break forth in jubilant song, you who were not in labor, for more numerous are the children of the deserted wife than the children of her who has a husband, says the Lord.”

                                        Isaiah 54: 1-10                                                                                              

How should we live this Word 

The only way we can understand this glad cry is by asking the Holy Spirit to open us interiorly to the mystery of the Incarnation, to God’s Kingdom already present among us in Jesus Christ, although in a veiled manner.  Then we can see the correlation of the first reading from Isaiah with today’s Gospel.  At first, Jesus’ words amaze us.  John the Baptist is the greatest among those born of women, and yet he is the least in the Kingdom of God.

Yes, with Jesus’ coming a new creation has begun.  The greatest become the least and the least become the greatest!  The children of the deserted, of the New Jerusalem, the one that comes from Heaven with Jesus, will be more numerous than those of the married woman, of the earthly Jerusalem, the one that is apparently faithful.  Everything is turned upside-down! 

Faith means believing that the Kingdom of God instituted by Christ brings radical change to history.  I see the same things and I live the same events, but if I am with Jesus, if I have accepted His Kingdom within me, in my life, then all is incredibly new, re-assuring, and peaceful.  “Though the mountains leave their place and the hills be shaken, my love shall never leave you nor my covenant of peace be shaken says the Lord who has mercy on you.”  

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will reflect that Christmas means ‘God with us’ who continually gives us His love, His peace, His merciful embrace!  What should I fear?   

Lord Jesus, my heart is filled with gratitude and awe.  Praise to You forever!

The voice of Monsignor Antonio Riboldi 

We have nothing to offer God and so we ask, why does God love us so?  The reason is simple and it should be written in the heart of our life.  We are God’s creatures, His children.

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