Posted by: livingscripture | December 12, 2011

Third Monday of Advent – Our Lady of Guadalupe

From the Word of the Day 

“I am coming to dwell among you.”

                                   Zechariah 2: 14-17                                                                                         

How should we live this Word 

From a distance, the prophet Zechariah is foretelling the coming of the Lord of Hosts to dwell among His people.  He, who was deemed unapproachable and inaccessible, comes as a defenseless babe to dwell in the womb of a human mother.  Jesus, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity, becomes incarnate to show us the face of God as Father.  We truly have reason to ‘sing and rejoice’ at His coming to live among us, to remain with us until the end of time. 

God chooses the simple and the humble among His creatures to accomplish His greatest miracles, His most sublime prodigies of love.  A young Jewish girl is the chosen one of all the ages to enflesh the beloved Son, to nurture Him, and then to give Him to the world.  Today we are the chosen ones, those called to bring Christ to a hungry world in the ordinary routine of our daily lives, rendering that very routine sublime by our love for God and for each other.

This is what Jesus and Mary teach us by their lives.  The Father sends us, each one of us, to be His messengers, the harbingers of the True, the Good and the Beautiful.  All that is needed is our faith and our docility to His Word day by day. 

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will reflect on the simplicity of Our Lady who was chosen to be the messenger of God’s love for the world and especially the Americas.  And I will recall that She entrusted her message to a poor peasant.  How am I being called today?  How am I responding?  Am I bringing Christ and His message to others especially during this time of Advent?


Dearest Lord, I want to bring You to my sisters and brothers near and far.  Help me to be docile as Your Mother and as simple as Juan Diego in responding to Your desire to ‘dwell among us?’

The voice of Pope John Paul II 

O Mary, give us your eyes to decipher the mystery hidden behind the fragile body of Your Son.  Teach us to recognize His face in the children of every race and culture.  Help us to be credible witnesses to His message of peace and of love.

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