Posted by: livingscripture | November 21, 2011

Presentation of Mary in the Temple


From the Word of the Day 

“Who is my mother and who are my brothers?”

                         Matthew 12:48                                                                                            

How should we live this Word

Jesus’ question is made to every disciple of all generations.  Family relationships are sacred, ordered by God at the beginning of time as the foundation of His plan of salvation.  Perhaps His question surprises His listeners.  His family is outside and wants to speak with Him.  Jesus takes this occasion to lead them to another level of awareness.  In the new creation, God makes a new covenant of communion between Jesus and His disciples.  Thanks to this bond of friendship, Jesus’ friends become His sisters, brothers, mothers, in and with Jesus and reciprocally with each other.  Therefore, this means that the disciples must be as family toward each other, united in solidarity to that of maternity for the vitality and expansion of the Kingdom.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will reflect on Jesus response.  I am a disciple if I really feel that I am mother, brother, sister toward others, especially those closest to me.

Lord Jesus, you place us before Your Mother.  With her ‘yes’ she entered into an intimate communion with You.  Blessed are those who listen to the Word of God and put it into practice. 

The voice of Thomas Keating, Cistercian Monk

The risen Christ is present today and opens the way to God’s final triumph when God will be ‘all in all’, as St. Paul says.  This was Mary’s faith.  She was able to see God’s triumph hidden in the greatest suffering.  This makes her our companion and our help in every trial.


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