Posted by: livingscripture | November 7, 2011

Thirty Second Monday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day 

“Seek God in integrity of heart.”

                                                               Wisdom 1: 1           

How should we live this Word 

The Book of Wisdom opens with the invitation to seek God in integrity of heart.  This is not a new invitation but one that seems to be self-evident in the whole Bible even though it emerges clearly only a few times.  Weren’t Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Mary, Paul, to cite a few, seekers of God?  Sometimes this search is expressed as an invocation, “Show me Your face!” 

We carry within us nostalgia for His face.  It is a sometimes whispered reminder.  At other times it commands us to seek.  Books cannot respond to this cry of the soul but only a silent re-entry into our heart where we are sometime fearful to go lest we meet ourselves.  Yet, there alone we have the possibility of meeting Him.  We must simply listen, taste His presence, experience it.  Then you will realize that your life, even in its darkest moments, has His imprint and you will discover His presence in you and around you.  Then everything changes, acquires light and meaning.  The intellect is not excluded but is only a dimension of our knowing that goes beyond it and totally involves us.  Even before the intellect can pronounce itself, your breath has awakened you; your footsteps have announced His arrival and you can say with John, ‘I have seen Him.  I have touched Him.  I have listened to Him and now I cannot remain silent.’                                                  

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will descend into the depths of my heart and remain silently listening without fear. 

Lord, show me Your face!  I ask this, uniting myself to the cry of many sisters and brothers who perhaps unknowingly seek You and do not know that You are silently dwelling within them.

The voice of John Climaco, Holy Monk of the 7th Century


Blessed are those whose desire for God has become similar to the passion of the lover for the beloved.

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