Posted by: livingscripture | November 6, 2011

Thirty Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day 

“The Kingdom of Heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.”

                                                                       Matthew 25: 1           

How should we live this Word 

The Liturgical Year is quickly ending.  On the horizon is the image of a wedding banquet in which the bride seems totally ignored.  The spouse is at the center of attention and the virgins are joyfully awaiting his arrival.  From the introduction of the parable, the accent appears to be on these virgins who, in the context of the times, represented a folkloric dimension to render the occasion more solemn and nothing more.  What’s more, excessive attention is given to those who have distractedly omitted taking their oil with them in case the spouse delayed in coming.  The hard conclusion seems out of proportion to their superficial neglect.

Since we are dealing with a parable, we must ask the meaning of this wanted incongruence.  It is easy to recognize Christ as the spouse and His return.  But the bride is absolutely absent from this story or is she to be identified with those virgins?  We are the bride who waits with a little lamp lit for the joyful encounter with the One who has always loved us.  He called us into existence for this, placing in our hands that little light to be guarded and nourished through the years.  We too may at times be overcome by tiredness.  This is not important.  What counts is our heart where the little flame burns, alive and vigilant, in loving expectancy.  Then the lightest breeze will re-kindle it and the light will once more burn brightly.  Then there will be the desired and long awaited encounter.                                                  

Today in my pause for silent contemplation in my life’s vigil, I will verify if I am dozing, overcome by the heaviness of many situations.  Does the lamp of faith succeed in casting on my road sufficient light that allows me to go ahead with confidence?  How can I nourish it?


Come Lord Jesus!  Even if I sometime doze off, my heart is awake and waiting for You.  Come to light up my night that sometimes seems to overshadow and even cancel out from my horizon the gentle announcement of the day.

The voice of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Theologian and Martyr


The expectancy of the last things implies commitment for the next to the last.

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