Posted by: livingscripture | September 22, 2011

Twenty Fifth Thursday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“Herod the Tetrarch heard about all that was happening and was greatly perplexed…’Who then is this about whom I hear such things?’ and he kept trying to see him.”

Luke 9: 7-9

How should we live this Word

Herod’ conscience experiences a disquieting question. He had stained himself with adultery and had silenced the discomforting voice of John the Baptist. Now ‘he did not know what to think’ about Christ! This ‘wolf’, as Jesus would later define him, is disturbed. His hands, already bloodied, want to grasp and manipulate even the truth about the Messiah. This is why ‘he kept trying to see Him.’ There is a great difference in the desire to see Jesus on the part of Herod and Zacchaeus. What an abyss between the joy of Zacchaeus who received Jesus in his house with joy and Herod who ‘sought to see him work some miracle.’

I need to ask myself what truly moves my heart to seek to see Jesus. Is it the curiosity of one who sees their littleness and need for salvation or the superficial caprice of one who wants to touch and somehow manage God’s grace? The criteria to judge the quality of our expectations is if our contact with the Word heals our desires, our expectations, and our pretensions; if the Word assimilated each day makes us rest serenely and tranquilly in the certainty that when we have God, we lack nothing

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will examine my motives and the quality of my ‘seeking’ Jesus as I contact Him in my heart’s depths.

Lord, never let it happen that I do not know what to think of You, nor that I seek You only to compensate my emptiness or my immaturity.

The voice of Angelus Silesius, Mystic

Pure as the purest gold, firm as the rock, as the limpid crystal must your heart be. Others may torment themselves for your burial, to hide your corpse in a superb edifice! I care nothing for this. My tomb, headstone, and mausoleum for eternal repose are the heart of Jesus.


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