Posted by: livingscripture | September 15, 2011

Most Sorrowful Mother

From the Word of the Day

“Woman, behold your son.”

John 19: 26

How should we live this Word

It is beautiful to remember Her maternity on the day the Church contemplates Mary’s participation in the painful passion of Her Son! It would seem to be a sad and limiting discourse to stop to ponder that very human suffering by which Her heart was surely torn in the darkest hour of history. But it is precisely there in that hour that the Light burst forth triumphant and definitively conquered the horror of sin. And it is precisely there in that hour that Life triumphed, restoring humanity to God’s dream.

Mary as a true co-redeemer could not remain outside the pangs of that birth and of the consequent joy of receiving the new humanity, ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved.’ This is not a poetic discourse. There, at the foot of the cross, Mary’s maternity is presented in all its cruel reality of suffering. She is the Suffering Mother who assists at the agony and death of Her Son. But She is also the new Eve who redeems femininity, in her association with His passion, in its most typical attribute. She is the true mother of the living. She sees the new life brought by Christ forming in Her womb. There, on Golgotha, in that virginal womb once again opened to receive the Holy Spirit effused by the dying Christ, I too was born. I too am ‘the disciple that Jesus loves,’ the disciple who receives the invitation to bring His Mother into my home and to let Her guide me toward Him.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will remain before the Crucifix in the company of Mary my Mother and I will pray:

Mary, my Mother! I want to taste the sweetness and the power of this reality so that I may renew my love and my devotion to You!

Mary, my Mother, from this moment on, I want to ratify the entrustment of my person that Jesus made to You. Help me to live the exhortation You made: “Do whatever He tells you.”

The voice of Mother Maria Candida of the Eucharist, Carmelite

When from the Cross Jesus said to His Mother, indicating John, “Behold Your Son!” you were present in Jesus’ thought. He gave you to Mary! She saw you and received you. Oh, love Her and live in Her Heart.


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