Posted by: livingscripture | August 26, 2011

Twenty First Friday of Ordinary Time


 What are these flasks of oil,                                                                                                              

So prudently provided?

Are they not the hope and patience

Born when the Lord delays?

The Bridegroom, Christ,

Comes in His time,

Expectant to find us waiting

With anxious, tender longing…

Tho’ fatigued by the vigil,

Perhaps drowsy or asleep,

Yet nonetheless ready

To answer His call,

To rejoice at His arrival.


Let us fill our flasks in readiness.

His coming is a flash of Light

Piercing the darkness of our night.

No preannouncement of the moment.

Yet, surely He comes

Bringing us to His nuptials

And ours

In the eternal Banquet Hall.

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