Posted by: livingscripture | May 29, 2011

Sixth Sunday of Easter

From the Word of the Day 

Beloved, sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts.  Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear.

                                     1 Peter 3: 15-16                                                                 

How should we live this Word 

Peter, the ardent and enthusiastic apostle of the Lord, gives us a surprising and beautiful invitation.  It is that of honoring the Lord within the depths of our hearts.  The invitation is extended to be ready always to answer for our faith with convincing expressions full of hope.  He further tells us to do it with gentleness and reverence.

The temptation for believers today is to speak as though we had the truth in our pockets.  It is easy to become bitter and fail to respect the person in the entire arch of thinking, believing, and speaking.  It is easy for the intention of our conscience to become polluted with personal desires and presumptions that are falsely religious. 

This is why we must conserve ‘gentleness and reverence’ rooted in a clear conscience, in love of God, and of our neighbor.  However, these things do not grow spontaneously in the garden of our often tiresome days.  And this is whySt.Peterexhorts us to ‘sanctifyChristin your hearts.’ 

MarioLuzi, a poet of the last century, wrote, “Faith is in you.  Faith is a Person.”  (Poetic Works ofM.Luzi,” Mondadori, p. 152)                                        

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will reflect on my attitudes toward those of other faiths or no faith.  Is my manner gentle and reverent?  Am I willing to suffer for doing good rather than to return evil for evil? 

Thank You Lord!  Grant that I may heave an adoring heart and a way of acting that is coherent, simple, respectful of everyone and therefore convincing.

The voice of St. Louis Orione, Founder

 Let us be sincere.  Why do we fail to renew society at times?  Why do we sometimes lack the power to attract?  We lack faith, a warm faith!  We live little of God and a lot of the world.  We live a tepid spiritual life.  It lacks the true life of faith and of Christ in us, one that has within itself all the aspirations of truth and of social progress;  one that penetrates everything and everyone and goes to the most humble workers.  We lack the faith that makes life a fervent apostolate in favor of the poor and oppressed, as was the whole life and Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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