Posted by: livingscripture | May 2, 2011

Second Monday of Easter

From the Word of the Day 

Nicodemus came to Jesus at night.

                                   John 3:2                                                                     

How should we live this Word 

Nicodemus was a Pharisee, a ruler of the Jews, one who was sure of himself. John tells us that he went to Jesus at night.  We know that the author is not concerned with providing chronological data.  What counts for him is the theological information and this is what we must consider if we do not wish to betray his thought.  Night is the symbol of confusion, of scarce clarity, of doubt, and even of sin and of willed closure.  These realities accompany our existence, sometimes frequently and other times, sporadically. 

They cannot be eliminated all together.  However, night is also the symbol of seeking that which we do not yet have.  In his turning respectfully to Jesus in the darkness of his night, Nicodemus reveals his own interior rectitude that leads him to question himself and allows him to approach the light.  He will appear again, no longer during the night, but in the full light of day to defend Jesus (Cf John 7: 50-52).

When the heart is immersed in light, there is no fear of unpopularity or of the possible consequences of courageously going against the current in order to affirm with one’s life and word the perceived truth.  It does not matter if, like the Jewish leaders, there is the stubborn preconceived rejection of Christ, something that in today’s pagan context is very possible. 

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will seek to individuate the darkness that usually appears in my life.  Like Nicodemus, I will not remain in it, but I will show it toJesusso that it may dissipate in His light.                                                                                                    

Lord, grant that I may live habitually in the light that emanates from Your Word.  It alone can eradicate the darkness that stalks my steps. 

The voice of Pope John Paul II

Jesus is the light that conquers all darkness, the salt that flavors your green years and your whole existence.  He is the One who preserves your beauty and your fidelity to God, His and our Father.

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