Posted by: livingscripture | April 9, 2011

Fourth Saturday of Lent

From the Word of the Day


Never before has anyone spoken like this man.

                                     John 7: 46                                                                    


How should we live this Word


Jesus finds Himself at the center of polemics and divergent positions.  Some question themselves on the possibility that He is the Messiah.  Others exclude Him a priori.  The fact is, no one can deny “Never before has anyone spoken like this man.”  Even Peter had made a similar affirmation in the name of the disciples when He was invited by Jesus to state a position. (Cf 6: 68)  Actually, he went further, declaring that His words were of eternal life.


Through the centuries Jesus as remained a sign of contradiction. There are those who follow Him to the point of handing over their whole life to Him.  There are those who not only reject Him, but also persecute Him.  However, today as yesterday, no one can deny the validity of His message.  The ideologies that follow contradicting each other and offering false paradises, all end up by showing their own emptiness.  Those who have allowed themselves to be fooled by them, remain bitterly deluded.  We see this today as well in the lack of ideals and extinguished hope their collapse brought about.


Christ’s Word remains the beacon that continues to shed rays of light on the tempest tossed seas of our times.  It opens onto the infinite horizons of the eternal.  If we find the courage to receive the Word and follow it, we truly build the house of our existence on a rock solid foundation.  The tempest may continue to beat against it, but it will not collapse.  It will even be able to welcome and offer refuge to those who are drowning.


Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will re-confirm my faith in the Word of life that Christ gives me each day.  I will let it illumine my journey, recalling it often as my day and activities unfold.


Lord, You alone have words of eternal life capable of sustaining me on my journey and nourishing in me hope, courage, faith, and to continue working for a better future.


The voice of Henri Bergson, Philosopher


The Gospel is my country.  I have taken up residence in the Gospel, in Jesus Christ.

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