Posted by: livingscripture | December 23, 2010

Fourth Wednesday of Advent

From the Word of the Day 

I prayed for this child, and the Lord granted my request.  Now I, in turn, give him to the Lord; as long as he lives, he shall be dedicated to the Lord. 

                                                                                           1 Samuel 1: 27-28

How should we live this Word 

Anna is a wonderful woman who is presented to us in the atmosphere of the Old Covenant where prophecies, announcements, and visions of the New Covenant abound.  Her heart had suffered the hard trial of childlessness.  Now, after so much prayer and trust in the Lord, her son Samuel is born.  He is a child upon whom God’s hand rested and who would serve Him in His great plan of salvation.

Anna is not one to forget the graciousness of God.  She knows and lives that beautiful human dimension called gratitude.  Thus, she returns to Shiloh where she meets Eli in the Temple.  He was the priest who had witnessed her tears and now shares in her joy.

Anna expresses her gratitude in the acknowledgement that God’s heart is the Greatest Good.  She is certain that our life belongs to a loving God.  She knows that in consecrating to Him what we love most, we are entrusting our seed to a fertile garden.  She comes here  to consecrate to God her little son.  The Bible tells us that God is a light for His people, a sure guide for its leaders                                                            

Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will ask myself if I really trust God.  Is He my joy or do I find it difficult to entrust to Him what I hold dear? 

Lord, grant me a heart like Anna’s which foreshadows Mary’s heart.  Help me to trust You totally! 

The voice of Fr. John Battista Borel, SDB, Educator 

In a few days, it will be Christmas, the birthday of Our Lord.  He will return to ask us if we have readied our heart to let Him be born.  He will again ask us to open our arms to receive Him and let Him fill us with His gifts.  I don’t know how many of us will be moved enough to let our lips and our heart pronounce the rich word…Thank You!


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