Posted by: livingscripture | June 19, 2010

Eleventh Saturday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

 Prophets were sent to them to convert them to the Lord.  The people would not listen to their warnings.

                                                      2 Chronicles 24: 19

 How should we live this Word

 We see in this verse a constant in God’s behavior and in that of humanity.  This is documented by sacred history as described in the Bible as well as by secular history, that too, a part of God’s one plan of love.  Prophets have never been lacking.  They are men and women to whom God entrusts the task of warning against the dangers risked.  They are always persecuted and suppressed. Their blood stains every page of history.  Even this new century is registering its presence.  If they are not physically suppressed, there is the attempt to nullify their word by undermining their authority and credibility.  The important thing is to silence their uncomfortable voices that disturb consciences and open eyes.

There is a double risk in this, that of allowing ourselves to become deaf and falling into a state of confusion or that of becoming intimidated and closing ourselves in a frightened silence.  This is the game of obfuscating the truth.  God does not distance Himself from us but rather it is we humans who abandon God.  They do not only tread upon His moral laws but the very laws that govern the normal course of nature.  The disasters that follow are its tragic consequences.

 Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will individuate the prophets whom God has sent and continues to send to me.  It may be a circumstance, a word, a person whom I have not considered of much worth or looked upon as inopportune or annoying.  I will commit myself to be more attentive to them from now on.

 Lord, free me from the guilty deafness that makes me inaccessible to the words of Your prophets.  Grant me the courage to speak when You ask me to take up a position in favor of the truth.

 The voice of Bishop Louis Padovese, Martyr of today

 It was almost three years ago that the Lord’s goodness sent me among you.  I cannot say they have been easy years.  Many problems and preoccupations have disturbed my tranquillity.  I too, like Peter, have cried out in the midst of the sea, ‘Lord, help me.  I am drowning!’

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