Posted by: livingscripture | May 15, 2010

Sixth Saturday of Easter

From the Word of the Day

 A Jew named Apollos, a native of Alexandria, an eloquent speaker, arrived in Ephesus.  He was an authority on the Scriptures.  He had been instructed in the Way of the Lord and, with ardent spirit, spoke and taught accurately about Jesus, although he knew only the baptism of John.  He began to speak boldly in the synagogue; but when Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the Way of God more accurately.

                                                       Acts 18: 24-26

 How should we live this Word

 The narrative of the sacred text states that Apollos was a cultured Jewish man of Alexandria.  He knew the Old Testament very well; however we do not know the level of his instruction concerning the Lord Jesus.  We note that he spoke of Jesus even in the synagogue, though he had received only John’s baptism.  Apollos is indeed a unique figure!  What is of interest to us is that Priscilla and Aquila, two fervent Christians of the primitive Church, do not become fearful or suspicious nor do they oppose the zeal of this Christian.  They are not on the defensive but neither are they gullible or ingenuous.  They listen to Apollos.  Then with the tact and honesty of those who live the Gospel wholeheartedly, they help him fill in the gaps of his knowledge of the faith.  They encourage his desire to reach Greece in view of the apostolate.

 When he did reach Greece, he experienced splendid results beginning with the warm welcome of the Jews who already knew Jesus.  The fraternal and generous collaboration of Priscilla and Aquila aided the efficacy of his preaching since he was now extremely well prepared.  Apollos refuted errors and completed in the minds of his listeners, the knowledge of Christ the Savior which has always need of more profundity and of persevering openness of heart to the light.

 Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will open myself interiorly to admiration for the attitude of these persons: the courage and zeal of Apollos, the faith of Priscilla and Aquila that is translated into totally gratuitous welcome and assistance.

 Lord, grant me a heart that is full of courage and willingness to deepen my knowledge of You and of Your sacred mysteries.

 The voice of Joseph Moscati, a holy physician

 I though that it was a debt of conscience to instruct the young, abhorring the tendency to mysteriously and jealously keep the fruit of one’s own experience, but rather to reveal it to them.


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