Posted by: livingscripture | March 28, 2010


From the Word of the Day

 Jesus proceeded on his journey up to Jerusalem.

                                     Luke 19: 28

 How should we live this Word

 Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem as Luke narrates it was introduced by Jesus’ firm decision.  In Greek, the expression is, He hardened His face (Cf. Luke 9: 51).  It is a veiled reference to the Servant of Yahweh of whom Isaiah speaks and thus a clear reference to the passion accepted by Jesus in full adhesion to God’s salvific will.  Now Jesus is near the city.  He is reaching the goal and the horizon changes, at least in part.

 As in His initial decision, Jesus precedes the others.  He opens the way for all who want to follow Him so that God’s dream may be realized for all of humanity.  The holy city is open before Him.  There He will accomplish His sacrifice.  There He will know elevation in its twofold aspect, the annihilation of death on a cross at the hands of men and the exaltation on God’s part that will transform the infamous cross into a regal throne.  It is a new regality no longer based on the power of weapons and political intrigue, but on love.

 This is what Jesus manifests with His prophetic gesture of entering David’s city on a humble donkey and not on a majestic horse, the sign of military conquests.  At His birth, the angels had announced peace.  Now He presents Himself as the king of peace.  The crowds receive Him with acclamation.  It is a crowd without a face and without a name.  It is a crowd that goes well beyond any geographic or temporal boundary.  It is a crowd that expresses the deep desire of every heart, to find a shepherd who puts aside a thirst for power and desires only to be at the service of peace.

 Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will allow this profound need for peace emerge in me.  I will ask it of God for myself and for all of humanity, committing myself to be a worker of peace. 

 Lord, grant that I may be an element of peace where I live and work.

 The voice of St. Louis Orione

 Through the redemption of the peoples, a totally moral greatness opposed to the terror of armies will be the character of the new people and a new order of things and ideas with the power of truth and love will come forth.

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