Posted by: livingscripture | August 31, 2009

Twenty Second Monday of Ordinary Time


 From the Word of the Day


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor…to proclaim liberty to captives.

(Luke 4, 18)


How should we live this Word

 Today we have the exemplary passage offered by today’s Gospel.  It is the first time that Jesus publicly presents Himself in the synagogue of Nazareth, in His own home town.  There He proclaims that He is the one prophesied by Isaiah.  He declares Himself the true and definitive One sent by God as the promised Messiah.

 The text points out an existential truth, something that the human heart needs today.  In fact, the message is ‘glad’ to proclaim freedom for prisoners and the oppressed.  In this solemn declaration of Isaiah, Jesus recognizes His identity and verbalizes His mission.  Until now, all had been veiled by years of anonymity, in the silent workshop of His Mother’s husband.  Now He reveals Himself as the center of history, of my history, because He is God’s Son.  Through His incarnation, He took upon Himself the weight, the oppressive chains of humanity that had enslaved itself through its ‘no’ to God.

 What is central to today’s passage is the ‘glad tidings’, the message that is full of joy and addressed to the poor of all kinds, and to me as well. 

 Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will delve into the depths of this joy and seek to recognize the thoughts, preoccupations, sentiments, so often negative and anguished, that hold me prisoner.  Jesus has come to liberate me from all this oppression so that I may be a free person.

 Thank You Lord because You come to free me. Grant that I may walk light-heartedly in the assurance of Your love.

 The voice of Julian of Norwich, Mystic

 No created being can comprehend how much, and how sweetly, and how tenderly our maker loves us.

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