Posted by: livingscripture | August 28, 2009

Twenty First Friday of Ordinary Time

“Those who were ready went into the wedding feast with him…”

                                                                       (Matthew 25, 1-13)

wise virgins 


‘Those who were ready…’

What does it take to ‘be ready’?

What are the required preparations

to enter the feast with the Bridegroom?

Only one thing is necessary,

one that includes all the rest.

Jesus asks us to ready self

through Love;

love of God and love of neighbour.

This the oil for our lamps to burn

incandescently and forever.


There is no limit to this love

and living it keeps us vigilant,

attentive to receive Christ at every moment,

in every event, in every person.

This the true wisdom hidden from the proud;

revealed only to the little ones of the Kingdom.


Then the door will be flung open

for us to enter with the Lord

on any day, at any hour.

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