Posted by: livingscripture | July 31, 2009

Seventeenth Friday of Ordinary Time

“He did not work many deeds there because of their lack of faith.”  (Matthew 13, 54-58)



Are we too, astonished

Wondering at this Jesus erupting into our lives,

Turning our world upside down?

Do we question His Wisdom,

Doubt His might deeds?

He was human, born as we are,

And in poverty at that!

plying the trade of an ordinary laborer,

In an ordinary town,

among His ordinary kinfolk.

No one special.

Do we too, take offense at His Word?

Too demanding… too counter culture…?

In the end, they killed Him

In a very horrible way…

Where is our faith in this enfleshed God?

Can He work His mighty deeds in us?

In you?   In me?

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